Weather at Sea - Jeremy DeMoss


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Weather at Sea - Jeremy DeMoss

On Sunday, the 2nd of January, Project Costa Rica is planned to begin. Before the scientists hop on board, all of this week, there will be blog posts written by each one of the scientists shared to our newsfeed. To learn more about Project Costa Rica Click Here.

Weather at Sea - Jeremy DeMoss

All seafarers are well aware that a significant aspect of any voyage is the weather conditions experienced while at sea. While forecasts have improved remarkably over the past few decades, significant gaps in observational data over the ocean lead to inaccuracies in weather models and human forecasts. In 2021, our weather observation network over land is quite extensive; however, we are still lacking consistent data over the ocean. The more real-time and reliable information we have, the more precise marine weather forecasts will be.

Improved marine weather knowledge and forecasting has countless implications for a wide range of interests, not the least of which is the maritime and shipping industry. As we strive towards environmental sustainability, we need to enhance our observational data over the ocean in order to produce the most sustainable routes for vessels across the globe.

I am excited to take part in this voyage on board the Pelican of London, and I believe we will gain valuable insights from the research project I intend to undertake. As a marine meteorologist, I look forward to experiencing weather at sea and comparing the weather experienced on board to the computer model data and human forecasts provided. I hope to push forward a future observing network in the marine environment with the latest accredited automated weather station which can be installed on any vessel.

I can’t wait to be a part of a crew on a voyage and learn what life at sea is all about. I look forward to working alongside fellow marine scientists and gaining knowledge about their research projects as well. Protecting the ocean and atmosphere is in all of our best interests and I hope that our work together on this voyage will play a part in pushing that forward in the future!

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