Volunteer code of conduct:

Who we are/what we do 

Adventure Under Sail, trading since March 2021 as Seas Your Future, is established as a sail training charity, also offering maritime careers and ocean science experience and opportunities.. This Code of Conduct applies to all our volunteers and their activities. In addition where volunteers are invited on to a vessel operated by the charity, they must comply with that vessel’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).      

PLEASE REMEMBER: The guidelines below are in place to ensure the safety of our volunteers. They are not designed to be restrictive in any way.  

What is the Code of Conduct?  

The Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour that the charity expects from you and identifies your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer.  

Compliance with the Code of Conduct is one condition of your involvement with us and should be regarded as a minimum standard which you should to work to. If you are unsure whether a decision you are about to make will breach the Code of Conduct, ask your immediate Supervisor/Team Leader or a member of the charity team and/or professional crew. By working within the guidelines of the Code of Conduct you will be contributing to the success of all of the charity’s activities.   

If you would like to ask us any questions about the content of this Code of Practice, please contact Simon Thorrington, simon@seasyourfuture.org  


It is important that safety and quality is at the heart of everything we do.  All of our volunteers are entitled to a high level of service in a healthy and safe environment. It is important that we demonstrate a positive attitude, equality, respect others and promote teamwork and mutual care and support. 

The following standards will apply at all times: 

  • Clear instructions regarding your volunteer role which will include: attendance time, location, uniform, travel, food and any other requirements; 
  • A detailed role description, however where possible and reasonable, volunteers should also be flexible and support events/activities where they can; 
  • Training and development for your role; 
  • A healthy and safe environment; and 
  • Appropriate supervision with a named Team Leader and/ or Manager. 

General Guidelines 

  • Accountability 

It is important that you attend every day, shift and watch you have been rostered for.  If you cannot attend you must directly inform the Line Manager as soon as possible.  This is to ensure we make alternative arrangements to fill your role.  Failure to contact us may place additional pressure on existing volunteers and damage the reputation of the charity. 

  • Additional Duties  

Due to the nature of the some volunteer roles, you may at times be asked to perform additional duties other than those to which you were originally assigned. Your cooperation and flexibility will help the charity operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.  However, if you feel unable to perform extra duties, please let your Line Manager know. 

  • Confidential Information  

As a volunteer you have an obligation to protect confidential or personal information. If you have access to confidential information (including addresses or telephone numbers) you should never discuss or disclose such information to anyone other than the person/s authorised to receive it, both during and after your involvement with the charity.  

  •  Contact from the Media and other Third Parties   

All requests for comments/information should be dealt with in line with our media policy and referred to your Line Manager. This will ensure the accuracy of all information given to the media and other third parties (directly or indirectly) and help to maintain good and effective relationships. Similarly, you should not give any interviews, appear in any promotions, advertisements or endorsements, or give any assistance to the media in relation to any story concerning the affairs of the charity without the prior consent of the charity. Ask your Line Manager if you need more information or if there is anything you are not sure about.  You should also exercise discretion when commenting in your private capacity about the charity where your comment may be misunderstood or misconstrued as an official comment of the organisation.  

We expect all our volunteers to be respectful in the way in which they comment upon the charity’s activities and people.  

  • Criminal/Illegal activity  

Any volunteer found to be engaging in criminal or illegal activity in the workplace will be referred to the police.   

  • Dangerous Weapons/ Firearms 

Possession/carrying firearms or dangerous weapons is not permitted.  

  • Equal Opportunities 

The charity is committed to ensuring within the framework of the law that our workplace is free from unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender (including gender reassignment), sexual orientation, age, marital status, religious or other similar philosophical belief.  We aim to ensure that our volunteers achieve their full potential and that all decisions are taken without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria.    

  • Facilities and Property  

The charity has significant constraints on resources and a high level of public accountability. We ask you to be efficient and economical and protect these resources. This covers all consumables and equipment including, but not confined to, items such as stationery, communication devices, computers, office equipment and other equipment. Property (including consumables) is not to be removed and/or used for private purposes without prior authority from your immediate supervisor/manager. You are not authorised to use the organisation’s equipment such as faxes, photocopiers, PC’s and phones for private purposes.  

  •  First Aid 

If a medical emergency should arise, unless you are a trained first-aider, your first priority should be to get assistance from someone who is trained.  Even if you are a trained first-aider, ensure that professional medical help is obtained as a matter of urgency.  

 If there is any immediate danger, get yourself and those near you away from the area as quickly as possible. Your attempts to assist someone should be minimal but you might be able to do some of the following until help arrives. 

  1. Clear the space around the ill or injured individual and keep other spectators away; 
  2. Help make the individual comfortable; 
  3. If possible, place them in the recovery position and call 999 or 101 as soon as possible 
  4. Be extremely careful with blood and other bodily fluids. You can put a cloth over a wound to help stop bleeding but do not touch the wound or allow blood to come into contact with your skin. 
  • Fraud and Corruption  

Fraudulent and corrupt activities are in fundamental opposition to the spirit of the charity. If you suspect fraudulent or corrupt behaviour, report it to your Line Manager . We will treat reports of corruption/fraudulent behaviour as confidential, where possible, and will seek to protect individuals making such reports from recrimination. All reports will be investigated promptly and fairly. Anyone found to be engaging in such conduct may be referred to the police.  

  •  Gambling  

Gambling is strictly prohibited when you are volunteering.  

  • Gifts and Hospitality  

You should register the acceptance of any gifts or entertainment, other than those of nominal value (e.g. pens, diaries etc.) with your Line Manager. Gifts or entertainment, even of nominal value, should never be accepted if it could be seen as bribery. Where there is any doubt you should speak to your Line Manager.   

  • Gratuities/Tipping  

Acceptance or asking for tips or gratuities is not allowed.  

  •  Grievance Resolution  

In line with our Grievance Policy & Procedure a grievance is a perceived or real issue which causes or is perceived to cause resentment, suffering or distress and which may be regarded as grounds for complaint. The charity is committed to encouraging an open environment in which all volunteer members can express themselves freely and responsibly, where issues raised are responded to in an appropriate and timely manner and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Above all, we are committed to providing fair and honest settlement of any grievance. More information on the grievance resolution procedure can be obtained from your Line Manager.   

  •  Health and Safety  

In line with our Health & Safety Policy the charity is committed to providing you with a safe working environment.  You are required to exercise reasonable care in the course of your role to ensure the Health and Safety of yourself and others. At all times you should not carry out any activity for which you have not received appropriate training.    

 Please be aware of, and follow all safety information.  The following safety responsibilities apply to everyone: 

  1. Pay close attention and familiarise yourself with the facilities of the charity and note the names of the different exits and access points; 
  2. Co-operate fully with charity staff at all times; 
  3. Understand the charity’s emergency plans; 
  4. Do not use any equipment or machinery which you have not been trained to use; 
  5. Take care when lifting and carrying (e.g. don’t lift very heavy boxes); 
  6. Report any potential hazards to a member of staff; and 
  7. In the event of fire/hazard or any other risk, remove yourself and warn others of imminent danger; 
  8. If you feel an activity is unsafe or you feel unwell report this immediately to your Line Manager.  
  9. Contribute to a safe and healthy workplace by being vigilant. Always ensure that your work area is clean and tidy and don’t leave things lying around. 
  • Drugs and Alcohol  

We prohibit the sale, distribution, use or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or any other substances that may affect your performance and behaviour in the workplace. Consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or other performance-impairing substances prior to and/or during a work shift is not allowed. Consumption of alcohol is only permitted when supplied by management on special occasions, and should be enjoyed in moderation. You must ensure that your actions do not bring into question the professionalism of yourself or the charity.  If you take medication which makes you drowsy, please inform your Line Manager to ensure you are not given a role which would place you in danger. 

  • Mobile Phones / Other Electronic Devices  

Unless you have been issued with an authorised mobile phone or other electronic device by your Line Manager their whilst on duty is not permitted. If you need to have your mobile phone with you, it must not be visible during the shift and must be turned off or on silent whilst you are volunteering.  

  • Notice boards and information display  

Noticeboards, newsletters and other forms of information display may be available and are for the benefit of the whole team. You cannot place or distribute any personal material without the approval of  your Line Manager. 

  • Performance Issues/ Inappropriate Practices  

We will always attempt to resolve any performance issues or conflict fairly.  In such cases, the relevant Line  Manager will discuss their concerns with you and seek to resolve the matter in a quick and professional manner.  

 Inappropriate practices e.g. arriving late for duty, harassment etc. will be dealt with by the relevant Line  Manager according to our policies  

  • Personal Appearance 

You are required to be well presented and smartly dressed and to maintain a high level of personal hygiene at all times when on duty.  For safety reasons, jewellery should be kept a minimum.  

  • Professional behaviour  

All volunteer members have a responsibility to behave professionally at all times. If you travel to and from the charity in uniform you will be highly visible as a representative of the organisation. You must, therefore, ensure that you present yourself in a professional manner at all times.   

Whilst volunteering and in public you must not:  

  • eat, smoke or chew gum in view of the general public
  • ask for autographs or take photographs 
  • consume illegal substances
  • consume alcohol (other than at designated staff functions) 

Please be aware that swearing, offensive language and offensive/inappropriate jokes are unacceptable when volunteering with the charity. 

  • Security  

Security measures may be in place and you will be required to adhere to security procedures whilst on duty and off duty. The security measures will be notified to you via training or induction. 

  • Shift start/finish times  

The start and finish time for your role will be agreed with your Line Manager   

  • Sleeping on duty  

Sleeping whilst on duty is not permitted.  

  • Selling or Canvassing  

You must not engage in personal business or other interests whilst volunteering. This includes use of work telephones to make calls in relation to personal interests, the display or distribution of posters, pamphlets and catalogues and/or approaching colleagues in relation to those activities.  

  • Smoke Free environment  

We observe a smoke-free work environment and you cannot smoke whilst volunteering. Smoking will be allowed in the designated areas (where provided) during approved breaks. 

  • Training attendance  

Training will form an exciting and important part of your volunteering experience and provides valuable information to help you do your role. You are required to attend all relevant training/teambuilding sessions.  

  • Branded Clothing  

Where issued, your branded clothing should be worn and maintained with pride and in accordance with the guidelines below: 

  • If you are provided with branded clothing, it must be worn when you are volunteering and you are expected to be presentable and smart while wearing it.  It is your responsibility to clean and care for your branded clothing items.  
  • You are required to provide your own footwear.  Footwear should be clean, comfortable and conservative in colour. For some roles Personal Protective Equipment will be provided for you in the form of safety boots and Hi Visibility jackets.  Comfort is the priority so footwear such as trainers is an acceptable item of uniform.  

Additional garments and accessories may be worn to ensure religious or cultural requirements are observed. Where possible, however, branded clothing items should be worn to ensure that you are identified as a volunteer.  

  • VIP approaches, Autographs and Photography  

The soliciting of VIP autographs and/or taking of photographs is not permitted during rostered volunteering hours or whilst in branded clothing. These activities can be disruptive and can also pose a security risk. Please be polite and discreet when making such approaches at other times and be prepared to take ‘no’ for an answer.   

PLEASE REMEMBER:  These guidelines are in place to ensure your safety. They are not designed to be restrictive in any way.  

The charity wants to provide a professional service to its volunteers but we also want you to have fun and enjoy your volunteering experience. We would like you to know that time you give up is very much appreciated.  


The information in this sheet is for guidance only and is not a substitute for professional advice.  If you would like to discuss any part of this document, please contact us on:  

Email us at: enquiries@seasyourfuture.org  

Call us: 01305 839835 

Or write to us at: Sharpness Shipyard & Drydock, Sharpness, Berkeley, Gloucester, GL13 9UD. 

Volunteer Code of Conduct

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