A trainee in recovery, when asked how her voyage on Pelican of London had impacted her life, said: “It was life-changing. It gave me a sense of self-worth and a purpose in life.” Today she is 2 years, 6 months, and 4 days clean and pursuing a career in the industry.
Sail Training Ireland Trainee
It was an unforgettable trip that I would recommend to anyone. All the people in charge did a great job organizing everything. The trip was a perfect fit for my part of life. The places were great, the experience even better. You got to know beautiful places and experienced unique things. Not to forget the things you learned about yourself, others, the ship or the countries. A big thank you again to the Ocean College team and of course the crew and teachers.It might be tough, lack of sleep, taking part in the watch-system, pulling ropes, taking the helm, climbing the mast(s) - but you can be sure when leaving the Pelican at your final port of call you will feel like a sailor, or rather you will BE a sailor - go for it!
Ocean College Trainee 
Sure, I'm still me. But my way of seeing and thinking is different. I go around better and calmer with stress, anger, grief and things I can't change anyway. I've gained a certain composure. I have also become very aware of how the world works. Economically as well as between people.
Ocean College Trainee
It was one of the best experiences of my life so far. It’s so intense being out on a boat for a week with people you don’t know but I’m after making friendships that I know will last a long time. I’d do it again in a heartbeat
Sail Training Ireland Trainee
May 2019
I am more self-confident and express my opinion more clearly. I am more open and hardened about difficult situations. Besides, I always feel the need to do something. I am clearer about what I want and more sensitive about our environment.
Ocean College Trainee
Amazing vessel, amazing people, they give me such great opportunities and I am very thankful! Starting my Naval engineer training in February 2018!
January 2018
It might be tough, lack of sleep, taking part in the watch-system, pulling ropes, taking the helm, climbing the mast(s) - but you can be sure when leaving the Pelican at your final port of call you will feel like a sailor, or rather you will BE a sailor - go for it!
June 2017
A Trainee who sailed the Darwin200 Launch Voyage on board Pelican of London in 2020, talks about the personal value the voyage had for her. The experience helped her not only to overcome her social anxiety, but it completely changed her life when she came home and changed her career path.
Imogen - Darwin200 Trainee
As a marine biologist and Darwin leader, the Darwin 200 UK voyage provided an opportunity like no other. I was fortunate to have been on the 2020 voyage for both legs of the expedition circumnavigating our island nation and what an experience it was! Sailing and science go hand in hand and really provided a unique platform for both education and conservation science. During the voyage an array of projects were undertaken by budding young scientists and sailors alike and provided crucial data to academia and conservation organisations, notably over 100 observations and recordings of marine mammals and mega fauna. I will forever cherish my time onboard the Pelican of London and thank the crew and Darwin team for making this such a special experience. Following on from the UK voyage, I have high hopes for the opportunities the global voyage will provide to the next generation of Darwin leaders and conservationists.
Darwin200 2020
A mother rang us at about 3pm on Thursday. Wanting to say how much Ella hasn't stopped talking about the voyage since she got home on Sunday. At 15 this was her first time away from home. Doing this with her friend, Sophie, definitely helped. Before the voyage Ella's mum said she had been very nervous about her going, and secretly had hopped that when she applied it would be too late! But she wasn't and as a result of Ella coming aboard, she had the time of her life and her mother wanted us to know that. Ella made loads of new friends and apparently a load of the youngsters are in touch via Face time and messaging. They are all planning to sail with us together again, next year! 
Phone call with a parent from the Mid-August 2021 Voyage 
Lily and Grace both had an amazing time and haven't stopped talking about it all week! They literally loved everything and everyone and they could not find a negative. This trip will, for sure, be one for them to remember.  
Marnie, a parent from the Mid-August 2021 Voyage 
He has told us lots about the experience and really did enjoy himself. I've also noticed that he hasn't worn his hoodie with the hood up since he arrived home. It was his default comfort position! So, from a parental point of view he seems a lot more confident in himself, he's more relaxed and he is less worried about making mistakes - less defensive. He can see that others make mistakes so it's not just him, and that's ok. 
Mid-August 2021 Voyage 
Sailing on a Tall Ship was really a dream come true for Oscar, and he has returned a change human. We watched the ships come down the Thames, for the Parade of Sail Greenwich in 2014, and it's been an ambition of his ever since. 
Hannah North, a parent from the Mid-August 2021 Voyage 
May had a fantastic time and has regaled us with stories of the voyage and how much fun she had. She loved working with the crew and making new friends among the group. It obviously really fired her imagination because she's told us a lot about the things she's learnt. For example, knots and the names of parts of the sail, etc. She also felt quite deflated and sad the day after she was back, missing everyone there and life aboard the ship. I think she would very much like to get involved in the future, if the stars align!
Alice Meacham, a parent from the Mid-August 2021 Voyage 
I had such an incredible experience and I'd like to thank everyone involved. I had so much fun meeting new people, trying new things and learning all about sailing. I am definitely thinking about going again next year or looking at longer voyages.   
Saffie Clark, Sail Trainee from the Mid-August 2021 Voyage 
Oliver made lots of new friends onboard, loved the challenge of being at sea for the first time, enjoyed learning new skills and hearing stories about other trips. He said all the professional crew and volunteers were amazing, the trainee crew were lots of fun and the food was brilliant. He overcame his fears and said that climbing the rigging had been one of the best things he had done, although he would have liked to go all the way up to the top. Helming the ship was his other highlight and he is now definitely thinking of a maritime career.  
A parent from the Mid-August 2021 Voyage 
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