Save the Date! 16th & 17th  July Bristol Harbour Festival - please put it in your diary! 


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Save the Date! 16th & 17th  July Bristol Harbour Festival - please put it in your diary! 

(photo taken by the SS Great Britain Trust)

The 50th Bristol Harbour Festival takes place this year from Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th of July! Please make sure to save the date.

This is your chance to see both our tall ships, Pelican and Nansen, at the same place and time!

Bristol Harbour Festival is a celebration of Bristol to celebrate, with all the communities of Bristol, the heart and soul of the city in the unique setting of its harbour.

The Festival aims to: 
  • Showcase Bristol’s talent and heritage
  •  Be accessible to Bristol's diverse communities
  • Showcase Bristol as an attractive place to live or visit
  • Boost Bristol’s economy
  •  Be economically and environmentally sustainable

Both of our tall ships, the Pelican of London and the Fridtjof Nansen, will be in Bristol Harbour for the event!

Throughout the weekend we will be putting on activities both onboard and shoreside of our ships, with prizes to be won!

This is your chance to see our new tall ship for the first time!!
Also, the event is entirely free! How can you say no?

For more information on the event visit:

For any questions for us please email:

See you in July for the Celebrations! 

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