Sail Training


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Sail Training

Sail training covers all aspects of sailing, but its purpose goes far beyond. Sail training uses the experience of being at sea as a means to help people learn about themselves, discover hidden strengths and talents and understand the value of working as part of a team. No previous experience is required.
It has a powerful and enduring influence on young people’s personal growth. Our voyages last for for periods of time between 7 days and 6 months. They take trainee crew on a dynamic, testing, seafaring experience, where working effectively as a team is essential.
Onboard the ship, experienced, professional crew give each young trainee the tools to overcome all the challenges they will encounter. The young people are a genuine part of the crew. They first learn essential theory including terminology, rope work and safety. Then it’s off to sea, where, as a team, they sail the ship, learning to tack, wear and brace the yards.

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