Plymouth ocean science voyage

The Plymouth Ocean Science Voyage is a keystone of realising our vision to reach out to members of communities that experience difficulties, are marginalised or disadvantaged in some way. Working with a growing number of colleges in Plymouth and southeast Cornwall, we select young people who seek a life-changing experience and require sponsorship to take part in a ten-day adventure of sail training and ocean science.

The Plymouth Ocean Science Voyage serves several purposes which include:

1. To provide personal and professional development opportunities to young people in the region, who otherwise lack opportunities, and raise curiosity for and understanding of the ocean environment.

2. To work with ocean conservation organisations and colleges with the aim to provide solid ocean science education.

3. To create and run flagship ocean science voyages run by SYF, during which increasingly ambitious science projects are piloted. 

Lucy Trainee on Plymouth Ocean Science Voyage 2022

This voyage has made me far more confident as now I know that I can do anything and I don't have to wait for other people to do something first or to tell me what I should do. I now see that you don't have to be constantly with the people that you close with - it's good to do things by yourself and spend the time to work on yourself as a person and not how other people perceive you because at the end of the day you will not get anywhere like that. This opportunity has also given me something to work towards - after talking with the chief engineer on the boat I understand how to become a marine engineer and what I need to do to get to that point. I also now realise that life isn't all about school and school work but also the experience that you can get out of life - it isn't all about being trapped in a classroom but also the opportunities outside of that. And one day I really hope to get back on a ship be it the Pelican of London or another ship like it.

Jacob Trainee on Plymouth Ocean Science Voyage 2023

I have since had tunnel vision on my exams this year, my professional career, relationships with family and friends and myself as a person. All this motivation is focused on bettering myself and the things important to me. It also taught me that the things I can't control, I can't control. This seems obvious but I finally realised that I have to do exams or I have to face my fears or I have to own up when I’ve done wrong instead of controlling the consequences. This trip gave me a sense of clarity about what’s truly important and what I can do to keep things going in the right direction.

Oliver Trainee on Plymouth Ocean Science Voyage 2023

I think that I have changed mentally, not in terms of ‘trying new things’ even though it has helped with that. But ultimately my perspective on life, it allowed me to reset and learn my true self and form strong bonds with people I never would have.
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