Plastics are an Ocean Menace - Hannah Gibbs


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Plastics are an Ocean Menace - Hannah Gibbs

On Sunday, the 2nd of January, Project Costa Rica is planned to begin. Before the scientists hop on board, all of this week, there will be blog posts written by each one of the scientists shared to our newsfeed. To learn more about Project Costa Rica Click Here.

Plastics are an Ocean Menace - Hannah Gibbs

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m going to be investigating plastic pollution around the Costa Rican coastline.

Plastics are becoming an ocean menace, entangling organisms and building up in the food chain. In 2017 Costa Rica launched a national strategy to reduce single use plastics and marine pollution, as a country surrounded by productive coastlines this is key to protect ocean wildlife.

I will be looking into the abundance and distribution of micro plastics in the water column as well as plastic pollution found on the shore. I would like to classify any of the plastic I find to uncover their potential origin and identify any key polluters!

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