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 The History

Originally named 'le Pelican' the Pelican of London tall ship was built in France in 1948 to work as a fishing trawler in the Arctic for 20 years, before being sold to Norway and converted to a coaster and renamed Kadett. Arrested for trafficking a whole cargo of Vodka from Finland in 1993, Kadett became an Excise sale, and her owner went to prison. The ship remained in Norway until 1995, when she was purchased by Retired Commander Graham Neilson for restoration. The ship was motored to Portland in Dorset where a complete restoration and reconstruction would take place over almost 12 years. All shiny and new, Pelican of London commenced her maiden voyage for Seas Your Future in September of 2007 with a full complement of trainee crew bound for the West Indies. She spent the winter months there, under charter to various groups and colleges, sailing between the islands of the West Indies from Grenada to Antigua before a return crossing with a new group of trainees, arriving back in UK in June of 2008. Pelican of London now has Winter and Summer Programmes and comes back to Dry Dock once a year where it is maintained before heading back to sea at Sharpness Shipyard and Drydock.

Life on Board

on-board Pelican consists of seven comfortable and well-proportioned four or six berth cabins, most with en-suite facilities. In addition, there are separate showers and toilets. Accommodation is allocated according to the watch bill.
When not on watch, there is a break-out area in the saloon, where we have a small library of books and games for you to enjoy. Here is an opportunity to discuss the days training sessions in more detail with members of the crew.
There must be a watch on duty at all times. Watches are as follows:
First watch - 20:00 to 00:00
Middle watch - 00:00 to 04:00
Morning watch - 04:00 to 08:00 Forenoon watch - 08:00 to 12:00 Afternoon watch - 12:00 - 16:00 First dog watch - 16:00 to 18:00 Last dog watch - 18:00 to 20:00
At sea, the ship is operational 24/7. Individual watches are responsible for the safe transit of the vessel to the next port of call. At the same time, other crew members may enjoy workshops in navigation, chart management, and route planning. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience each aspect of life on-board.

Technical Specification

Vessel Built
Chantiers et Atelliers Augustin Norman, Le Havre 1948, as a double beam Arctic trawler named 'le Pelican'
Steel joggle lap-riveted shell below the main deck 10mm, doubled at the turn of the bilge in the mid section
Above the main deck and bulwarks 6mm
Vessel's History
1948 - 1967 Arctic fishing trawler 'le Pelican' Classification BV
1968 - 1995 Coaster 'Kadett' Classification BV
1995 - 2007 Reconstruction as Sail Training ship in survey with MCA / BV
MCA Code of Practice Large Yacht Code (LY1) and International Load Line Certificate (ILLC)
GRT 226 Tonnes
NT 67 Tonnes
Displacement (Departure) 370 Tonnes
Length Extreme LE 45.0M (148ft)
LOA Hull 34.6M (114ft)
LBP 32.0M (105ft)
Beam (Moulded) 7.03M (23Fft)
Depth (mid-section) 7.03M (23Fft)
Draught Max 4.00 (13.2ft)
Rake of Keel 1.40M (4.5ft)
Air Draught 30.0M (98.4ft)


Official Number: 908321
IMO Number: 5273339
Callsign: MWAQ

Main Engine
John Deere 6090 SFM85
9.0 litre displacement
Turbo charges with air to seawater aftercooling
325hp (242kW) @ 2100 rpm
M1 duty rating unrestricted hours per year at uninterrupted full powerber: IMO Number: Callsign: 908321 5273339 MWAQ
Hundested 4 bladed, 'feathering' controllable pitch propeller
Range & Speed
7.5 knots under power (still air). In excess of 10 knots under sail Range 1500 nm max. at economical speed
Fuel: 15 tonnes
Water: 12 tonnes in stainless steel tanks plus 2 watermakers
1 x G & M Genset Sierra 63 with 57.5 Kva output based on Perkins Sabre 4.4 TGM
1 x G & M Genset Sierra 48 with 43.3 Kva output based on Perkins Sabre 4.4 GM, 240v 110v AC & 24v DC available.
Shore Connection for 410v AC
Vessel's RIG
Mainmast Barquentine (Xebec/Polacre) setting 11 sails Design: Phillip Goode AMRINA, I. Eng, Majorca
Rigger: Dennis Platten, Traditional Rigging
Masts: C U Phosco
Overseer: Spencer Rigging. (Harry Spencer)
Radar - Raymarine Quantum 2 and plotter and back up Furuno M1834 with plotter
GPS Compass
Magnetic Compass & Coil
GPS (2) One fitted
Station Satcomm TracPhone with crew WiFi and FrontM crew app
VHF Furuno, plus 2 GMDSS portables
SSB Radio Telephone HFMF GMDSS
Furuno Immarsat C for satellite phone & email Emergency Buoy (2) EPIRB, one fixed, one portable Computer
Primary Steering Secondary Steering Emergency Steering Auto Pilot
Main Wheel Wheelhouse
Rudder Head & Tackles Wheelhouse
Air Conditioning
Forced ventitlation between decks (240v fans) with chilled / heated air treatment to deliver
6 changes of air per hour from 2 main units, and 3-compressor chiller plant
ECOMAR 20 400v/50Hz/3Ph 2000 ltr / day (PP)
Lifesaving / Boats
4 x 25 man inflatable life rafts, 1 x Jon Buoy, 50 x life jackets Rescue 4.6 m Highfield 460 RIB with Honda 80 HP outboard
Ground Tackle
Starboard Anchor: 1/2 Tonne Close Stowing Bronze Port Anchor: 760kg Danforth Steel
Chain Cable
Port: 6 Shackle 1 Studded Bronze Cable Starboard: 5 Shackles 1" Studded Bronze Cable Brake & Screw Slips Bronze

Accommodation & Services

Pelican can accommodate a total of 47 persons at any one time in a combination of single and twin cabins for use by permanent crew, and four-berth cabins for use by trainees. Accommodation is allocated by the watch-bill.
All living spaces are temperature controlled. Above the main deck, there are individual air-conditioning units. Health and hygiene is much improved by six changes of fresh air every hour.
Cabins are separated by steel bulkheads, sound and fire proofed, and lined in timber, all cabins have a porthole. Access is by lockable 60 mm thick teak doors. Smoke and flame detectors in each one are connected to a central audio-visual alarm system.
The spacious Mess Room can seat up to 22 and is served by the adjacent Galley. When there is a full crew on-board, there are two sittings for each meal. During morning and afternoon sessions the mess makes an ideal classroom with separate tables for chart work.
When you are not on watch, rest and relax in 'Pelican Roost' the ship's Saloon area, which includes a small library of books, DVDs and television. A games console and a small selection of games appealing to young people is also available.
A small but well appointed Galley, lined with stainless steel for easy cleaning, boasts a large 4 burner range cooker, with a generous sized combi-oven for steaming and baking. The addition of two fridges and one freezer makes for convenience when preparing up to three hot meals a day for a full crew.
Accommodation consists of seven x four-berth cabins, most of which include an en-suite bathroom with half-bath, shower and vacuum toilet. Each cabin has a port-hole, and a window in the main lockable door.
Master, Chief Mate and Second Mate have cabins in the vicinity of the bridge. On the lower deck Engineer, Cook, Bosun and Bosun's mate each have private accommodation.
Master, Chief Mate and Second Mate have cabins in the vicinity of the bridge. On the lower deck Engineer, Cook, Bosun and Bosun's mate each have private accommodation.

We offer ‘Sail Training’ voyages allowing you to discover:

  • Your abilities
  • Your values
  • Your passions
  • Your responsibilities

In situations that offer adventure, challenge and the unexpected.


  • Steering & helmsmanship
  • Climbing the mast &rigging
  • Setting the sails
  • Keeping navigation watch

We offer unique ‘Maritime Careers’ opportunities through learning:

  • Seamanship
  • Navigation
  • Life on-board
  • Safety at Sea
  • Engineering

PLUS so much more!

You may already be apprentices or this may be your first step towards launching your career in the maritime sector.

We offer voyages for studying ‘Ocean Science’ this teaches:

  • Changes to the marine environment
  • Changes to the climate
  • Oceanography study
  • Considering the impact of climate change
  • Ocean Science research
Development plan

Our 2020 Development Plan outlines our aims and objectives for the next few years.

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