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Seas Your Future (SYF) is the operating name for Adventure Under Sail (AUS) which launched in 2008 as a UK-registered not for profit company (number 06569266) limited by guarantee, and charity (number 1124276) registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. In 2012, the charity took ownership of the tall ship Pelican of London by way of charitable donation and launched Sea The Future as the name for its Sail Training offer. This gave AUS three operating brands by 2018: Adventure Under Sail, Tall Ship Pelican of London, and Sea The Future.

In 2020, the management and trustees of SYF worked on a 5-year development plan including aims for Sail Training, Maritime Careers and Ocean Science, and decided that the brand needed a refresh to reflect all these things in an image that captured the passion the organisation has for educating young people in sailing skills, about career opportunities and adds value to those wanting to learn more about and practice Ocean Science.

From December 2020 to March 2021, the Creative Brand Agency, Lamerton Creative, worked with the AUS team to produce a reflective brand identity through the creative design for the hero brand Seas Your Future and a platform brand for Tall Ship Pelican. The result was two distinctive brand logos:

Why operate as Seas Your Future?

The process of rebranding started with a workshop in December 2020 which explored the identity and personality of AUS. The aims were to create one main (‘hero’) brand for the organisation and programme offer, plus an identity for the delivery platform which is our tall ship Pelican.

We brainstormed ‘what we do’, ‘why’, ‘for whom’, and ‘how’. It was clear that AUS offers more than just sailing. It offers young people a unique experience; it changes lives of disadvantaged youth who are unsure about future options; it throws challenges at young people forcing them to develop problem solving skills and develop self-confidence; it triggers genuine interest in future careers in Sailing, in Maritime roles, in Ocean Science; it offers voyages of self-discovery and broadens horizons; it teaches team and leadership skills; and creates networks and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Seas Your Future was one of several names considered. It was selected to represent a play on words for ‘Seizing’ Your Future through a process of discovery during activity at Sea.

Why the agreed brand identity?


The SEAS YOUR FUTURE brand identity needed to have a bold unique design to depict an organisation that changes lives. We chose a strong typeface design that will help to raise the awareness and ownership of the impact of the organisation for all those involved. Hence selecting a strong typeface and with a memorable visual confidence.

The brand image needed to carry more of a message than just a sailing brand. The ocean is our working environment to make this magic happen. This is about creating possibility and for young people to seize a future for themselves. We offer opportunity and promise of a successful future.

The brand image depicts a connection between human development and the ocean itself.

At first glance you will either see hands or a whale fluke emerging from the ocean.

Hands from the ocean represents the hands of the students having life changing experiences at sea. They face upwards, as a positive statement, and in doing so, ‘seizing your future’ whatever your background.

The Whale fluke is visually connected to nature in the sea. Linked to Ocean Science and reminding students of their future role in the management of the oceans.

The brand image is to be used in various situations for identity and marketing, drawing people to want to know more, to engage with us, and to take pride in being involved.

That means the brand identity had to be versatile and so work on light and dark backgrounds.

These images depict the two brand colours using alternative proportions.

In single colour the brand still works which will be useful on collateral and merchandising where colour is not required. The Hands remain clear while the Whale Fluke is still clearly visible and powerful.

We also produced clear merchandise designs (logo proportions on a dark background) which will mean Seas Your Future will have a strong brand awareness as featured below.

And finally, we went landscape for images to be used on our website and online.


Tall ships Pelican of London and Fridtjof Nansen are our platforms for delivering sailing courses.

This is where learners experience our Sail Training, Careers Advice and are introduced to Ocean Science.

We are proud of our Tall Ships and the students who sail on her are proud to tell people about their voyage experiences. These brands are sub-brands and will be used with pride in collateral and more often on merchandise.

Development plan

Our 2020 Development Plan outlines our aims and objectives for the next few years.

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Seas Your Future is the operating name of Adventure Under Sail,
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