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Do you care passionately about action to safeguard the planet? Especially mitigating the effects of climate change?

The motivation of SYF for making science part of the normal experience aboard their vessels arises from the recognition of the intrinsic value of enhancing awareness and understanding of the natural environment, the impact human activity has upon it and thinking about the solutions to pressing environmental challenges, such as climate change and pollution. 

Join us on our 10 day Ocean Science voyages to become an ambassador for our oceans, whilst experiencing adventure and challenge, learning to sail one of our tall ships. 

When aboard you will be working with industry experts, using specialised equipment to carry out engaging, exciting and scientifically accurate research. Through this research you will contribute towards marine science by collecting high quality data, which will be made available for marine institutes for climate and environmental studies.

We are open for applications from everyone! From individuals who have never even visited the coast, to scientists needing a research vessel. This is the perfect environment to expand your knowledge, and increase your experience of practical research that can't be done in a classroom. So come and join us to work together with professional scientists and like minded peers to save the planet onboard an amazing vessel.

Whilst onboard you will also be an important member of the ships crew. You will learn to sail the ship, navigate, be a watch-keeper, climb the rigging and much more! To find out more about the sailing aspect of this voyage please visit our 'Sail Training' page.

The United Nations have declared a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, running from 2021 to 2030. By encouraging the next generation of marine biologists, oceanographers, environmental scientists and leaders in change, we plan to feed the worldwide community. Over the next 10 years, this generation will have the passion, skills, expertise and technology to sustain the oceans we need for the future we want.

Our everyday choices and use of common household products impact on the seas. Gain the ability to contribute to a more sustainable world: Profile water columns, collect water samples to understand how water quality is inextricably linked to the health of all species from whales and dolphins to plankton, the root of the marine food.
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As highlighted by Blue Planet, plastic is a global problem to many extraordinary marine species. Onboard you will learn about this world-wide plastic pandemic during beach surveys, beach cleans, and collecting water samples. Help define their distribution and impacts in order to provide real world solutions to this growing problem.
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Identify, survey and record the marine mammals you see whilst aboard. An amazing array of species can be seen along the British Coast, learn what they need to thrive and challenges they face due to maritime industries.
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We are changing the world, from rising sea level effects on vulnerable communities, more extreme weather and coastal erosion, to ocean acidification and rising sea temperature impacts on coral reefs which are the nurseries of the oceans. By understanding this intricate web you can see the positive steps we have made, and what more we could do.
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Use hydrophones to listen for dolphins and learn about how they communicate, and how to identify pods through different dialects. Also hear noise pollution from the maritime industry; find out how it affects marine life and what we can do to reduce it.
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We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired a second tall ship, the Fridtjof Nansen, to meet the increase in demand over recent times! 
Development plan

Our 2020 Development Plan outlines our aims and objectives for the next few years.

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