Nearly 2 Weeks on the Atlantic - Ocean College Students


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Nearly 2 Weeks on the Atlantic - Ocean College Students

We are now nearly two weeks on the Atlantic and we are all missing something. The following list is a list of stuff our watch is missing:

We are missing a swim stop.
A good refreshing swim stop!
We are missing the sun on our watch.
The hot burning sun!
We are missing music on our watch.
Good loud music!
We are missing snacks on watch.
Salty snacks!
We are missing a kakau on the watch.
A good kakau.
We are missing pizza for lunch.
Good original Italian pizza!
We are missing flat swell while steering.
Really flat swell!
We are missing running around.
Running, not power walking!
We are missing fresh (sparkling) water.
Tasty fresh (sparkling) water!
We are missing a long sleep.
A good long sleep!
Even though we are missing these things we are not sad to be here. Today we have not so good weather and the waves are really big but nobody is seasick again. And there are some Whales following us.

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