My Experience as the Engineer - by Max


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My Experience as the Engineer - by Max

First I would like to talk about my great “Boss” Connor. The first time I saw him on the Pelican, he was in Bermuda as the Engineer’s Cadette. Shortly after we departed from Bermuda our job interviews started. We were allowed to decide three jobs we would favour. I took 1st Mate, Captain and Engineer. As you can see by the title, I received the job as the Engineer. Now I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing during the day. Every day started with the log book. I had to check the tanks, our Generator and much more. Afterwards Connor showed me everything engineering on the ship. The weather was so bad, that I couldn’t practice new stuff I’ve never done before, so Connor taught me lots about the theory of engineering for example the turbo charger. He told me to go to bed early because we can always get woken up in the middle of the night and you always have to be concentrated to find out what the problem could be or is. Even if Connor say’s that he is an idiot or annoying everyone, he’s a cool guy and I really enjoyed being with him for three days.
Thank you for listening, have a good day!

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