Meet Roger!


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Meet Roger!

Roger Ingvalata is the next Scientist in Residence aboard the Pelican of London:

'I'm an ocean enthusiast and a Marine Geosciences Master's student at the University of Bremen in Germany. Alongside my studies, I work as a student assistant in the coral palaeoclimatology group, where I analyze fossil coral cores to reconstruct tropical climate variability. I'm also deeply passionate about raising awareness about the alarming issue of ocean plastic pollution.

Onboard the Pelican, my plan is to collect both sediment and water samples from the Irish Sea. To achieve this, I will use an Ekman grab to sample shallow sediments for ground-truthing purposes and to search for microplastics. Additionally, I will employ a phytoplankton trawl to identify the diverse range of species thriving beneath the ocean's surface.'

Welcome Roger!

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