Adrian Ragbourne, Seas Your Future Chief Executive, explains how leaving a gift in your Will can help young people to experience the life-changing impact of a sail training voyage with us.

Thank you for considering this very special gift. By leaving a gift to Seas Your Future in your Will you can support us to continue our important charitable work offering young people aged 14-25, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, the opportunity to enjoy the experience of their lives on a voyage on board one of our tall ships.

If you are reading this guide you share my belief that all young people deserve to have as many opportunities in life as possible. Young people from different backgrounds aged between 14 and 25 join us on a voyage of self-discovery like no other. They learn from experts in sail training, explore the possibilities of a maritime career or pursue a passion for ocean science and environmental conservation. Whether they are with us for 7 days or 6 months, from start to finish it’s all about working with others, watching friendships flourish and positively shaping their future direction. Although it is an attraction for many, learning to sail in itself is not the essential goal of sail training. Nor is it just an opportunity for an adventure. 

The value and power of sail training derives from its unique combination of characteristics to develop:

The Character of Young People




These are all valuable life skills that will improve their job prospects and equip them for their future education and careers.

Ten years ago our charity took ownership of our first tall ship, Pelican of London, and in most years between 500 and 600 young people will have the experience of sailing on her. Since then the number of opportunities to sail with organisations like ourselves has sadly reduced, and we want to change this, so that many more young people can have this life-changing experience. In March 2022 we acquired a second ship, the Fridtjof Nansen, which is being completely rebuilt to more than double the number of young people we can take with us. A gift in your Will enables us to continue this vital work.

Thank you for your support, which is both appreciated and valued. Please read the inspiring words of some of the young people who have sailed with us.

(Adrian Ragbourne, CEO, Seas Your Future)

A gift in your Will would help young people like Ben. This is Ben, who sailed with us for five weeks in the summer of 2022, sponsored by several local businesses, foundations and Rotary clubs. He is hoping for a career in the Royal Navy, and he told us that as a direct result of his experience on Pelican he realized how much he really wants to sail as a career, and it has strengthened his determination to gain the necessary qualifications. If you would like to speak to someone before including Seas Your Future in your will, perhaps about our work or for some guidance on how to proceed, please email Simon Thorrington:

"Being on board the Pelican for 5 weeks during the summer has been a very uplifting experience for me. I enjoyed the time immensely. I feel that I have learned a lot, from sailing to the marine biology lessons. I have also gained confidence by teaching and helping others on board, I now have a greater understanding of other people's abilities and strengths. We all learn at different rates, some people pick it up first time while others need to be shown several times, patience and understanding is key. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given and will carry it with me as one of my greatest achievements so far. Thank you to all of the crew aboard the Pelican and the onshore staff."
Ben W, aged 14
August 2022

A gift in your Will would help young people like Sarah, who sailed with us for six weeks in 2021. She was sponsored by a bursary trust. Sarah sailed on the third leg, lasting 30 days, of an Ocean Science voyage around the UK, and on a shorter 7-day voyage, sailing around East Anglia from London. If you would like to speak to someone before including Seas Your Future in your will, perhaps about our work or for some guidance on how to proceed, please email Simon Thorrington:

"Looking back at it a couple of weeks later, it has become one of my fondest memories and experiences in which I can constantly reflect back on as the skills I have taken from it are proving valuable in the search for work. It has also given me a new career direction to follow as I am looking for courses to become a deckhand and hopefully become a bosun of a ship someday. This in itself shows the power of the experience as I’ve finally found my new passion. I will not hesitate to re-join the crew on another one of their adventures."
Sarah, aged 18
September 2021

Some things to consider when making your Will:

If you would like to speak to someone before including Seas Your Future in your will, perhaps about our work or for some guidance on how to proceed, please email Simon Thorrington:

1. Planning your Will: the first step in planning your Will is to write down your assets and think about the people and causes you’d like to include.

2. Inheritance Tax: any gifts left to charities, including Seas Your Future, are exempt from Inheritance Tax – so including a charitable gift can sometimes help reduce the tax on your estate. But Inheritance Tax is a complex and often-changing area of law, so we suggest you visit for the latest information.

3. Funeral plans: you may also choose to include your funeral plans in your Will. It can be reassuring for loved ones to know they’re carrying out your wishes.

4. Reviewing your Will: it is worth reviewing your Will now and again, to make sure it’s still aligned with your wishes.

Do I really need a Will?

Having a Will is the best way of ensuring that your wishes are carried out and is a way of providing for the people and causes you care about.

What is an executor and why do I need one?

An executor is someone who looks after your Will once you have died, to ensure that your wishes are followed through. You can appoint a family member or a friend to be an executor, even if they are set to benefit from your Will. Alternatively, you can appoint a solicitor or financial advisor but note that there will be fees involved with this.

I have a dependant with a learning disability, how can I provide for them in my Will?

If you have a child or other loved one with a learning disability, many families choose to set up a Discretionary Trust for them. This is because if they inherit a lump sum of money, it can affect any means-tested benefits they currently or may one day receive. A Discretionary Trust ensures that your money for your child is protected for their future.

What type of gift can I leave in my Will?

This can be a percentage of what is left over once loved ones are provided for, called a residuary gift, or it can be any percentage you like. As this gift is a proportion of your estate it keeps pace with inflation.

This is a specific amount, also known as a pecuniary gift. You can choose any amount you like but it’s worth reviewing periodically as it may lose value over time due to inflation.

You can also choose to leave a particular item, such as a piece of jewellery, an antique or even a property. A gift like this should be named in your Will.


A bequest to the charity can be made by using our legal name “Adventure Under Sail operating as Seas Your Future”, charity number 1124276, whose registered office is at Sharpness Shipyard and Drydock, Sharpness, Berkeley, Gloucester GL13 9UD.

Again, thank you for considering this really special gift. Many families choose to use a solicitor.

If you would like to speak to someone before including Seas Your Future in your will, perhaps about our work or for some guidance on how to proceed, please email Simon Thorrington:

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