Gender Roles and Sexism Workshop Aboard the Pelican


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Gender Roles and Sexism Workshop Aboard the Pelican

On the 11th of March the Ocean College voyage crew participated in a gender roles and sexism workshop aboard the Pelican of London, our tall ship. This was organised by Britta and Benno.
The workshop began with the students being asked to brainstorm and list male privileges. After that, the students were divided into groups of two: Boys with Benno and Girls with Britta. In these groups the students spoke about personal experiences of gender roles and sexism, including issues, that they have previously noticed.
The boys were done after ten to fifteen minutes, but the girls spoke for more than 20 minutes and could have continued for more time, which spoke volumes to the students.
At the end of the workshop, everyone came back together. One of the students said: "As a girl it was interesting to hear the things boys noticed and experienced. Even if half of their experiences were from their female friends or sisters. I think it was a really good talk for all of us and a talk we/I had never had at our home school".
We believe that topics such as gender roles and sexism are really important to spread awareness about and speak about. The participation from the Ocean College students was fantastic!

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