Chief Officer Tamsin


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Chief Officer Tamsin

Chief Officer Tamsin, loved being on the water from an early age, from family holidays in the Lake District. After much badgering, when she was 15, she got her parents to allow her to do a short trip to France on Astrid with her Dad. During this voyage Tamsin’s Dad left her to hang out with the (gorgeous and very gentlemanly) men in their 20’s while he hung out with the guys his age. For Tamsin it was heaven, and not just because of the lovely handsome young men who took her under their wing. 

Despite her love for being on the water, originally Tamsin had dreams of becoming an architect but after years of A-Levels, a gap year of travelling, completing two years at Art School, working at the student union, working at a Pub (the most legendary in Winchester, at the time), being a Sandwich Maker, an Off License Manager, a Secretary for a quantity surveyor, an Admin Assistant and a Call Centre Operative she remembered the handsome young men from her very first sailing trip. 

This led Tamsin to TS Pelican in which after her voyage she had set her aim to become Chief Officer on the Pelican. To achieve this Tamsin volunteered during a couple of tall ship races before deciding that to become Chief Officer she would need to complete her cadetship. 

After completing her cadetship, Tamsin completed her Chief Mate Unlimited which put her in a really fantastic position to fulfil her dream. It payed off and her 10 year plan was completed in 8! 

Following her trip on Pelican, Tamsin then became 2nd Mate of a ferry for a while before moving back to tall ships such as the Lord Nelson and Tenacious (both Jubilee Sailing Trust tall ships). Subsequently finding her way back to Pelican. 

Which brings us back to where she is now, Chief Officer on TS Pelican! Tamsin has been one of the Chief Officer’s since 2019 and has said that the best part of the job is “seeing people change; they don't realise it as it happens, but in the space of a week someone can go from being convinced they can't do anything, to offering to help, to showing someone else how to do a task. And then they realise what they've achieved, and the look in their eyes is pure gold.”

Make sure to click the link for a more in depth version, written by Tamsin, on how she became one of the Chief Officers of TS Pelican: 

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