Best Fishes, Emily - Emily Murphy Gray


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Best Fishes, Emily - Emily Murphy Gray

On Sunday, the 2nd of January, Project Costa Rica is planned to begin. Before the scientists hop on board, all of this week, there will be blog posts written by each one of the scientists shared to our newsfeed. To learn more about Project Costa Rica Click Here.

Best Fishes, Emily - Emily Murphy Gray

The opportunity for me to be on Tall Ship Pelican as a scientist during this Costa Rica voyage will be incredible for me as a scientist just beginning her career in marine conservation. The biodiversity of Costa Rica represents 3.5% of species worldwide, and the fact that I have the chance to carry out a research project in this region is amazing!

Having already been lucky enough to sail on Pelican on previous voyages, the fact that I am able to return as a scientist is wonderful, I will be able to merge my scientific background with my passion for sailing. I will appreciate being able to communicate my enthusiasm and experience to members of the voyage crew, whilst gaining new skills and knowledge myself!

I cannot wait to experience sailing on the Pelican again, as well as being able to snorkel (and maybe dive) around biodiversity hotspots such as coral reefs. Even though, my degree focuses majorly on coral conservation and climate issues, I am yet to see a tropical coral reef. I am excited that this voyage will give me the opportunity to do so and hopefully I will be able to take some nice shots of these organisms!!

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