Become a Medic

As the Volunteer Health and Welfare Officer, you will play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of all individuals on board the allocated vessel during coastal voyages. The role encompasses routine health care, emergency health care, and actively contributing to the positive morale and well-being of the voyage onboard the Pelican of London.


- Provide routine and emergency health care to all persons on board.
- Actively contribute to positive morale and well-being during the voyage.
- Ensure accurate medical records, communication, and compliance with relevant procedures.
- Serve as a focal point for safeguarding and manage emerging health and welfare situations.
- Coordinate the safe medical onboarding of pre-screened voyage crew.
- Engage in workstreams related to welfare and crew morale.
- Ensure compliance with marine and coastguard requirements pertaining to medical care.
- Assist in training Professional crew and Voyage crew in health and welfare-related topics.


- Registered as a doctor/nurse/paramedic in the UK.
- Recent acute/emergency care experience is preferable.
- Proficient in all aspects of care (emergency, acute, primary care).
- Possess enhanced DBS, indemnity insurance, and critical care competencies.

Range of Medical Conditions

Day-to-day operations involve minor injuries and illnesses.
Examples include minor injuries, headaches, dehydration, mental health, and common illnesses.

Onboard Medical Kit

The onboard medical kit includes essential equipment like BP monitors, stethoscopes, pulse oximeters, urine dipping tests, pregnancy tests, and malaria testing when required.

Medic Support and Top Cover

- While there is no additional top cover, support is available through Coastguard medical advice and medical emergency lines.
- Telemedical advice services (TMAS) via satellite phone or radio are available for consultation.
Seas Your Future covers flights, food, accommodation, necessary visas, and travel insurance. All medics need to provide evidence of indemnity insurance and an enhanced DBS check.
To apply to be a medic, please complete THIS FORM

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