Tim Yorke-Dunne
Tim has previously helped to establish a STEM education charity in Cornwall, whilst his eldest daughter has had the privilege of sailing on the Pelican of London Tall Ship with Seas Your Future. This has provided Tim with a good understanding of the charity’s aims, it’s approach and the positive impact that a Seas Your Future Voyage can have on young people. Naturally, this has motivated Tim to embrace the opportunity to become an Ambassador for the charity, actively promoting awareness of Seas Your Future and increasing engagement within the business community.

Jakub Žondra
Jakub is enthusiast for sailing and traveling, working since 2013 on different vessels across the globe. Jakub started on cruise ships, making his way through sailboat deliveries to tall ships and sail training. That has become a real passion and a great way to share experience and joy from sailing with others! Working onboard Pelican of London as a Watch Leader and Bosun's Mate inspired Jakub to become an ambassador, as sail training for youth is a great way to inspire others and change lives for the better!

Seas Your Future is the operating name of Adventure Under Sail,
Charity 1124276, VAT 174919961.

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