A day in the life of a Sail Trainee on board Tall Ship Pelican of London


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A day in the life of a Sail Trainee on board Tall Ship Pelican of London


A day in the life of a sail trainee on Tall Ship Pelican of London, written by Kelsey Harrendence on Leg1 of Darwin200 2021.

“After usual breakfast at 8am and our daily meeting we had some more practice climbing. Some people climbed up the main mast but I climbed across the bowsprit instead, after finding out that heights aren’t really for me. This was the second time I’ve done the climbing and I’m getting a lot more confident. The view is so pretty from the bowsprit, you can look straight down into the water. From the mast must look even better. While I was climbing I helped tie the sails down after our time sailing.

Later on in the day I had watch. The weather was decent today but still cold so I wrapped up warm and was lookout for an hour then I manned the helm. There were a couple of bouys to avoid but we got past them fine!

Straight after watch was a chilli dinner which was perfect to warm me up and tasted fantastic as always!

Then, once dinner had finished I went to sleep to rest up before my watch later on in the night.”

Click on this link to see a short film compilation. IMG_0040

Cinematography by: Jordan Conroy

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