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Leg 3, of the Darwin 200 UK Voyage, Has Begun!

Leg 3, of the Darwin 200 UK Voyage, Has Begun!

Here is a blog by our lovely Alun Morgan of the first few days:

After an intensive start to the voyage the new crew has gelled really well both practically and socially.  We've benefitted from some great training from the Permanent Staff and mentoring from more experienced (not necessarily older) shipmates. Less experienced of us are starting to 'learn the ropes' and nearly all have been aloft and on the yards.

The weather has been pretty kind so far - cooler than heatwave down south.  The journey to Stromness was achieved under sail, which was great. The wildlife has been spectacular - starting with otters and porpoises before we even weighed anchor in Portree to Orcas greeting us into Stromness. Lots of science undertaken in the Orkneys. All living very much up to/beyond expectations.

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