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The full #flowermoon is hoisted up the mast of the tall ship, Pelican of London, in Mount's Bay, Cornwall

On 26th May 2021, Tall Ship Pelican crew witnessed a Super Blood Moon.
Photojournalist, Greg Martin, managed to catch the moon up the mast at this amazing moment as TS Pelican sailed passed Mount’s Bay, Cornwall! He could hear the crew howl and cheer on deck at the awesome sight.
This eclipse is the first in 2 years and is very rare. This is a spectacular phenomenon caused by a May full moon coinciding with both the satellite being at its closest point to the Earth during orbit. This makes it appear larger and brighter causing it to turn red as it drifts into our planets shadow. According to one of the Trainee sailors on board for the Darwin200 2021 circumnavigation of the UK, "This was such an incredible sight and brought the crew together".

Full acknowledgement and thanks goes to Greg Martin for taking this photo and capturing a moment of pure joy onboard.

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