Sail Training Ireland

Sail Training Ireland is a charity which funds the development of young people from all backgrounds and all abilities on the island of Ireland by giving them the opportunity to participate on voyages on sailing vessels.

Our Partnership

We have worked in close partnership with Sail Training Ireland since 2016, sharing common goals and objectives to deliver long-term social impact. Between us, we can change and improve the lives of those who sail with us.

Trainees from age 14 upwards are selected from all over Ireland (North and South) by Sail Training Ireland with many from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sail Training Ireland works closely with a network of ‘Nominating Organisations’ including schools, community groups, youth groups, charities, health workers, Garda Diversion projects and educational training organisations to identify young people (trainees) who would gain from the sail training experience. These Nominating Organisations offer important support to trainees both during their preparation for voyages and after the voyage when they return.

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Sail training must not be confused with “learning to sail”, an altogether different activity. The Sail Training experience involves a vast range of activities, including, but not limited to: keeping watch around the clock, climbing masts, communication, cooking, maintenance, navigating, pulling on ropes, scrubbing decks and setting the sails, all as part of the working crew.
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Some of these tasks may require you to confront your greatest fears, but the safe and efficient operation of a sail training ship requires everyone on board to operate as a team. Individuals cannot ignore their responsibilities or avoid contributing to the overall workload. As a trainee crew member, you will be encouraged to work with your team-mates, co-operate with each other, rely on each other and have others rely you. This may be challenging but can be fun and adventurous at the same time.
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By the end of your sail training voyage, you will feel a sense of belonging, have gained experience, and a newly found confidence in your own ability. You will be motivated to demand more from life in the future and you will have gained the knowledge of where to go and how to find the fulfilment you are seeking. In addition, you will have made firm friends with your team-mates as you acquired new skills together.
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Sail training has a record of considerable success in character development. Participants confront many demanding challenges, both physical and emotional. It is an activity that inspires self-confidence, acceptance of others and develops a willingness to take controlled risks. Sail training is often described as a positive, life-changing experience.
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Opportunities are open to young people regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender and social background. Sail training occurs through a focus on curriculum-based education, skill acquisition and personal and social development – or a combination of all three.
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Our professional crew encourage personal, social and decision-making skills required for life on board. Trainees are given opportunities to practice, learn and master technical and lateral thinking skills in an inclusive and fun, encouraging environment.
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Development plan

Our 2020 Development Plan outlines our aims and objectives for the next few years.

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Crew and students share experiences with you on their Seas Your Future voyages with College Partners and Darwin200.

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