We can’t meet the demand for our voyages with Pelican alone, so, in 2021, we decided that we needed a second ship. The Fridtjof Nansen will take up to 40 young people plus professional crew on our 7, 10 and 14-day voyages in the Spring and Summer, and up to 45 on the 6-month winter voyage with our partner Ocean College. The feedback we collect confirms the transformative impact of spending time on board. Those young people who journey with us are not only taught new skills, but they discover all about themselves, and what drives their ambitions and interests.

Many go on to education and employment in the maritime industry or environmental conservation. In the summer of 2022, during our first full sailing programme since the global pandemic, 16% of the young people indicated strongly that sailing could lead to a career in the maritime sector in response to our post-voyage questionnaires.
Sail training on Pelican and Nansen is generally open to people between the age of 15-30. If you are outside of this remit, please do contact us to discuss your requirements as we may cater for 30+ voyages.
No experience is necessary, the majority of people who embark on a sail training voyage have never sailed before. Don't worry! The crew and mentors will explain things and guide you through everything you need to know to be able to sail the vessel.
That’s great! You will all be in the same boat. Most people who join have never met before, and there’s no better way to get to know people who may have a completely different background to you than sailing the high seas on a tall ship or sail training vessel with them.
There is a cook on board for the duration of your voyage. As a trainee, there will be opportunities to assist the cook in preparation, serving and clearing. Don't worry if you can't cook, this is the opportunity to learn how! Main meals will consist of things like curries, jacket potatoes, pasta dishes, shepherd's pie and spaghetti bolognese. We provide three meals per day plus fresh fruit and snacks. You may bring your own snacks on board too!
Consider the weather, location and time of year. It can be very cold at sea even in the summer so bring warm layers! Don't over pack. Bring your most comfortable clothes not your best ones. Pack everything into a soft, sports holdall or rucksack. Please do not bring hard suitcases, solid-framed or wheeled bags, your bag must be able to squash down into a small space. Please download our information pack, this includes a kit list.

Please be sure to tell us in advance (on your booking form) if you have any food allergies, or intolerances or any other dietary requirements. We are well practised in catering for different dietary needs and as long as we have prior knowledge, we should be able to cater for you.
Yes, trainee accommodation on-board consists mainly of six-berth cabins with an en-suite bathroom. For those cabins without a bathroom, there are seperate male and female facilties on the accommodation deck.
The Captain is trained in dealing with illness and/or injury at sea. If necessary, we'll get you to a doctor ashore as quickly as possible.
Sea-sickness is one of the most common concerns that first time trainees have before going on a voyage. Everyone worries about it before they go but not everyone will experience it. Obviously the rougher the sea is, the more likely you are to be affected, but there are a few things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of it occurring. Seasickness is most likely to affect you if you are hungry or tired so make sure you rest properly and eat frequently. Caffeine and nicotine also aggravate the condition so avoid them. Being too hot or too cold can have an impact so like all other personal care you should be proactive. This is most relevant with anti-seasickness tablets which should be taken well in advance of the conditions changing. Ask your pharmacist for advice.
Seas Your Future is the trading name for Adventure Under Sail (AUS) which launched in 2008 as a UK-registered not for profit company (number 06569266) limited by guarantee, and charity (number 1124276) registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. In 2012, the charity took ownership of the Tall Ship Pelican of London by way of charitable donation and launched ‘Sea The Future’ as the name for its Sail Training offer. This gave AUS three operating brands by 2018: Adventure Under Sail, Tall Ship Pelican of London, and Sea The Future which was causing confusion for people. Since March 2021, we now have Seas Your Future as our trading name and main brand to simplify things for people, and Pelican of London is the name of our vessel on which training is delivered by Seas Your Future.
In 2020, the management and trustees of Seas Your Future worked on a 5-year development plan including aims for Sail Training, Maritime Careers and Ocean Science, and decided that the brand needed a refresh to reflect all these things in an image that captured the passion the organisation has for educating young people in sailing skills, about career opportunities and adds value to those wanting to learn more about and practice Ocean Science. Please click this link HERE to learn more about the branding process we went through.
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Seas Your Future is the operating name of Adventure Under Sail,
Charity 1124276, VAT 174919961.

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