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Seas Your Future works towards environmental sustainability through three main initiatives: we are improving the operation of the charity and its ships, we undertake citizen science and scientific research, and we enhance ocean and environmental awareness through education and outreach.

What we do:

Our drive to enhance environmental sustainability is work in progress and aligns with a range of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • We sail: on our tall ships, we plan passages to optimise the use of wind power, which keeps the use of the diesel engine to a minimum and supports our sail training activities.
  • We are minimising the use of resources and energy by practices that reduce waste, maintain materials and equipment in good order, and recover materials for reuse and repurposing.
  • Our Ocean Awareness project exposes sail trainees to the work of our Scientists in Residence, who engaged youngsters in Citizen Science throughout the summer 2022, developing knowledge and opening minds for life below water (SDG 14)
  • Our STEM* education programmes on board introduce atmospheric processes, weather and the impacts of man-made climate change (SDG 13), explore the ocean ecosystem, its role in climate regulation and effects of climate change upon it (SDG 13 & 14), examine marine pollution and personal choices for responsible consumption (SDG 12, 14 & 15).
  • Environmental and STEM education on board is delivered by experienced tutors and scientists who provide a range of learning styles, including hands-on experience with a range of experiments, design challenges and observations that support knowledge and skills acquisition for people with different learning styles (SDG 4).
  • We provide high quality data to Citizen Science projects that support marine conservation, climate research and education (SDG 13, 14 & 17).
  • We use outreach opportunities, such as Bristol Harbour Festivals and open deck time in ports, as platforms to engage the general public in ocean science and the benefits of Citizen Science.
  • We are in the process of evaluating the operations of our ship Pelican of London with the view to find more sustainable solutions for waste management, cleaning and laundry products, maintenance and repair procedures.

Find out more about our wide range of environmental sustainability actions from our blogs about Scientists in Residence, STEM voyages and Citizen Science, and by subscribing to our monthly Newsletter.

An overview of science and education on board is provided in the STEM at SEA report.

Next Steps

Our ambition to expand capacity for scientific investigations is leading us to build collaborations with industry and scientific organisations and we are seeking to acquire scientific equipment. If you can support this ambition, please contact us through enquiries@seasyourfuture.org.

We are planning an audit of the charity’s operative practices and will keep you informed about its progress, outcomes, targets and actions.


*STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Maths

Development plan

Our 2020 Development Plan outlines our aims and objectives for the next few years.

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