Become a Second Mate

Position: Second Mate – TS Pelican of London
Rotational position – approximately 6 weeks on 6 weeks off
Salary TBD

Minimum Qualifications Required:

UK MCA Deck OOW (Yacht) <500GT (Unlimited area) CoC
More senior UK MCA Deck CoC
UK FSE equivalent or higher Deck OOW certificate of competency to those qualifications listed above

Current ENG1 Medical Fitness Certificate or equivalent (unrestricted)

Current, valid STCW Basic Training Certificates (with any refresher courses/certificates as required to maintain validity)

For UK residents, an enhanced DBS check will be arranged by the employer and any offer of work is dependent upon the results of this check.
For non-UK residents, a local equivalent such as a “Police Check” will be accepted.

General Requirements:

The ideal candidate will have a background in sail training, including time spent as a Deck OOW in sail training vessels over 24m LWL length, and will hold the NI/STI International Sail Endorsement for Square Rig; however this is not essential and applicants from other seafaring backgrounds will be considered and are encouraged to apply.

Some experience of sailing vessel operations is essential.

The position of Second Mate in Pelican of London will be filled by an experienced Officer who is confident in standing a watch by day or by night, under sail or under engines in a relatively large sailing vessel (Pelican’s length overall is 45m). In this vessel, the Second Mate stands the afternoon watch and the middle watch (1230-1600 and 0000-0400).
(When the vessel is alongside in port, watches are broken).

This officer will be comfortable working with paper charts as well as electronic navigational systems such as ECS and Radar, alongside the usual GMDSS equipment.
There is an expectation that the Second Mate will be competent to undertake basic celestial navigation during ocean passages.

All members of the ship’s professional crew are Sail Trainers, with a responsibility for passing on seafaring skills and knowledge to others on board, including groups of trainees who are usually between 15 and 18 years of age. This enthusiasm for working with and supporting the development of young people in central to the ethos of the vessel and the organisation.

In addition to watchkeeping and navigational duties, the Second Mate will be responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the vessel’s LSA and FFA, will maintain the validity of the vessel’s charts and publications, and be responsible for developing Passage Plans to a high standard for presentation to the Master.

An Officer with prior experience in large sailing vessels will be expected to take responsibility for sail trim and some sail handling evolutions during their watches, whereas an officer with less sailing experience will be provided with training and guidance to develop their abilities in this area.

Similarly, if the right candidate does not yet hold the NI/STI International Sail Endorsement for Square Rig, they will be supported in completing the company’s in-house “Square Rig Assessment” to ensure they are properly trained in the relevant aspects of the role.

A single cabin is provided; limited internet access is available on board for personal use when the vessel is at sea.

Seas your Future is a training organisation and is very keen to work with employees to support their professional development; this is a sail training vessel for every person on board. Those who wish to progress their career as they gain experience are particularly welcome.
To apply, please email:
Seas Your Future is the operating name of Adventure Under Sail,
Charity 1124276, VAT 174919961.

For more information contact: 
T: +44 (0) 1305 839835